Post extraction post healing pain.

Aug 25, 2020
Hi I had first upper molar extraction after root canal failed to stop pain and made it worse.
In the extraction the tooth was sawn in half , it was quite a surgical type extraction and took a while to heal over. I went in for dry socket and dentist applied get which helped.
Week 3 after extraction I no longer needed any pain killers.
Week 4 slowly some pain returning and treatable with paracetamol. By end of week getting worse.
Visit dentist week 5
He says extraction site gum has healed over so it can't be dry socket.
He prescribed me course of clindamycin and that if that doesn't work he will refer me to the dental hospital.
I'm worried that I've got some infected bone or something wrong with my nerve that was caused by root canal treatment.
The pain is getting worse even with the antibiotics although I'm only 1.5 days into the course. Ibuprofen doesn't help much I have to take the one with codeine to sleep.
I'm just a bit worried about what is going on. I thought tooth extraction would solve my problems.
I don't have a swollen cheek or throbbing pain it is more constant dull/burning ache from a general area.
Thanks for your replies.


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