Jaw/bite issues post wisdom tooth extraction

Sep 9, 2018
I had a number of procedures done last week. I had my upper right and lower right wisdom teeth removed, two fillings on the left side of the mouth and a root canal and crown done on the left side of my mouth. I have yet to remove the wisdom teeth on the left side and plan to do so separately. I had this done all within a week's time.

The heeling of the wisdom teeth extraction seems to be going fine but my jaw and overall bite feels quite odd. When I close my mouth my bite feels slightly different but the main thing is my jaw feels like it doesn't want to close, my teeth don't want to rest closed and when I try to close my teeth and mouth there is almost like a slight jitter in the upper and bottom teeth. I don't know if this is just post dealing with keeping my mouth open for hours at a time the last week or if it is something different. My jaw just feels like it wants to shut but can't naturally leading to a overall fatigue feeling in the mouth and head.

My overall bite does feel somewhat different and I don't know if this is due to the crown or wisdom tooth extraction. Prior to extraction the wisdom teeth were not touching each other so I can't see that influencing things.

What input or wisdom can anyone experiences provide regarding this?

Thank you!
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Mar 18, 2018
I would guess it's more likely the crown and maybe the fillings. Delay the nexxt stage of treatment until this has resolved. If no better in another week, go see the dentist.


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