Chronic Pain 12 days post molar extraction and immediate implant post proceedure

Jun 29, 2019
Tooth 30 was extracted 12 days ago and an implant screw was placed same day. I have chronic pain due to what I think are 2 issues. #1 - there is a small dry-socket hole next to implant screw that catch food particles that I have to clear after each meal. The tissue inside that space is very tender and causes pain after I flush it out. #2 - there is an exposed bone ridge on the tongue side next to the healing cap - it is hard - and painful to the touch.

I have been on two round of steroids and one round of antibiotics. I see the surgeon next week (out of town now). What should I expect to have done - the pain is getting slowly worse each day, and I am running low on pain meds. I don’t really want to hear to just wait it out - that’s why I am posting - should I expect them to address both the socket and the bone when I see them?

Thank you.

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