Temporary/Flipper that ended up being used for 15 years.

Mar 23, 2024
I will keep this short because there are so many problems to deal with here I'm really focused on one particular thing for the moment. 15 years ago my oldest brother knocked out 2 teeth in the front and my parents helped me get them pulled and then a flipper put in. That was great for a while but over the years I haven't taken care of things at all and now I've bought all of the supplies to create my own flipper until I can get some money together to have proper work done... Now that the other teeth near it have broken off at the gum line I'm not sure how to set the flipper teeth since they would almost have to sit in front of my gums instead of in line with where the teeth are supposed to be. The current flipper I have from 15 years ago sits right in line with where the rest of the teeth should be since those 2 spots were pulled out. Can you just set the new one right in front of the gums?

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