Root Resorption - Might need dental implant and need advise urgently.

Jan 8, 2015
I have severe root resorption in one of my primary tooth. I really don't want to loose it but over time the dentist suggests it will fall(he thinks i had a dental trauma when i was younger and has been undetected for a very long time).
I am very much nervous about this.
I wish there is a way to salvage this but my dentist says its too late. The tooth is still stable though.

Whats worse is that he told me about dental implants and that I might be an ideal candidate for it. I am really worried about inserting an implant. Anyways, if I do insert a dental implant. Would it be possible to remove it 5 years from now(lets say there is better treatment available? or will it be there for good?)
Is it possible to remove a dental implant safely without damaging any tissues/cells ?
Please advise. I have been extremely nervous for a week now and at times get depressed thinking about this.
Sep 5, 2014
Hi Kevin

I am no expert here but I really want to go down the implant route (pun unintended) from what I can gather it's just like a normal tooth except it's stronger and healthier. They place a screw type thing into your gums where your old teeth was and then a tooth is attached to the top of that and looks perfectly normal. i'd imagine having it removed it just like having your tooth removed.

tooth implant is a process that costs hundreds, they make an artificial tooth (3d printed, I believe) of your old tooth and place it on top. if it's on the front I believe it can be free because it can interfere with your life.
I had my back tooth taken and I wanted it back so enquired about implants but will have to pay too much as it's seen as a cosmetic issue although I know lack of tooth can cause issues with the jawbone

hope this helps!


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