Root resorption results in loss of 4 front teeth

Apr 5, 2012
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Less than two years following removal of her braces, my daughter will begin implant surgery due to the loss of roots in her four front teeth. Her orthodontic work encompassed bringing down impacted incisors from her palate. At our first meeting, I suggested leaving the incisors alone and just getting implants to replace her baby incisors. This was highly discouraged because the orthodontist felt it was preferable for her to have her own teeth. I still objected in order to save my daughter the hassle of braces, and he turned to my daughter and asked her if she would rather have her own teeth. She said she would and I was effectively silenced. 3 years and $6200 later we were told she had root resorption, likely caused by genetics and that she may have problems later on. The braces were rapidly removed and we were sent along our way.

Less than a year after that, I noticed her front teeth caving in and turning a lovely shade of gray. A CT scan revealed she has no roots in the four front teeth and will need a bone graft in addition to four implants. We are in Florida. The implants and bone graft will run $15K. We will then be at a grand total of $22k and years of discomfort to save two impacted incisors that I wasn't interested in saving in the first place.

My question is whether the orthodontist legally holds any responsibility (partially or otherwise) here or is this all a rather unfortunate circumstance due to her genetics? Fwiw, I've been told I'll never lose my teeth due to exceptionally long roots. My husband and son also have perfectly normal roots.



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