Third molar root remnants present. Dentist said no problem. But, having pain for more than 3 weeks

Aug 6, 2019
My brother got his mandibular right third molar extracted 3 weeks before. His dentist took 4 hours to get it out during which he had to keep his mouth open for the entire time. After the extraction, the dentist said some portion of the root is still present as it is twisted and also calcified at some spots. Due to so much chair time my father asked him to relieve him off the chair. He sutured it and said it's not much problem, it will heal on its own. He was having great pain after he came home which continued everyday.
After 8 days we couldn't contact the dentist to whom he got treated, so we took him to another clinic. He cut the suture and said he got 'muscle sprain' on the right cheek due to such long procedure.
He tried to increase his very much lowered mouth opening usuing forceps sort of an instrument. It did increase for some amount but he was having increasing pain during the procedure.
The doctor said he need to move his mouth if he wants to improve his opening. He advised using chewing gum for mouth exercise.
After he came back he still had that sharp pain which is spread from near the ear region to all his right side of the mouth.
He says he gets burning pain on his mouth.
Sometimes the pain is relieved but if he sleeps or after he had food, he just can't bear the pain and have trouble, almost phobia to sleeping.
We talked with the 2nd dentist to whom we went later, he said it's ok it will heal.
But it has been total of 3 weeks but he has no sign of improvement.
He just almost runs around with the pain. Unable to sleep. Also he got sensitivity on his anterior teeth after his extraction.

Zuri Barniv

Verified Dentist
May 17, 2015
What country are you located in? Is your brother taking any medications? If you were in the USA, I would say you need to see a qualified oral surgeon not a general dentist. It's hard to know if the tooth fragment is having an effect or not and the burning sensation is not typical for 3 weeks. There could be a lot of different things going on besides the obvious (a jaw joint issue caused by over-extension for a long time in the chair).


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