Root canal too deep and bit of file left in

Jul 17, 2019
hi any advice would be appreciated please.
Today I had a root canal by my dentist.
She struggled with one of the canals which was narrow, at one point after getting the tool stuck she looked at the tool then put it in the bin. After that she started using a different tool and I am sure at some points it felt like it hit metal.
Then when she xrayed she said it was too long and had to adjust the sticks? She put in. Then she said she had not got to the bottom of one of the canals

She then said she had drilled too deep but it didn’t matter and showed me an X-ray with some thin lines on she said was paste?

Question is ~ I was in too much pain to ask her to explain and now I am a bit worried.
Do I need to be?
Thanks in advance


Dec 6, 2017
It's best to go to another dental practice to get an objective opinion on the work so far. You will need to post x rays here if you want an informed opinion from a dentist.


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