Refill Lost Filling

Jan 27, 2012
After my wisdom teeth were removed, the dentist said I had a tiny pin prick hole on my upper rearmost molar caused by a wisdom tooth. The filling is on the side of my tooth near the gum line. This was about 10 years, ago. Occasionally I pick at the filling because it's not smooth. 3 weeks ago it popped out when I picked too hard :(. It doesn't hurt, it's just a hole.

When I went to the dentist - immediately he said root canal. This is a new dentist - Aspen Dental - as I moved recently. I'm not sure if he's trying to up-sell me to an expensive procedure not to mention the crown. On the other hand, there can be quacks that say sure we can refill knowing 2-3 years from now it will fail and I have to come back in for an expensive procedure.. Aspen referred me to some external endodontists and said that Aspen will be responsible for the post root canal work.

What would you do? Refill or root canal? To me, the more of my natural tooth I can keep the better. Not sure which is more riskier and will cause less problems in the future. Money isn't the issue, it's trying to keep as much as I can of my tooth and to mitigate any headaches in the future. Any advice greatly appreciated!
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