Need Advise from a Dentist - Re: a dead teeth; filling fall out once; can it be refill?


Dec 9, 2016

I can't say my mind is relatively cool with this but here goes;

I have a teeth top-right end of my jaw, which the teeth is dead. Filling is done once on it, and it came off just yesterday afternoon. The filling attached last for about 6 months.

Is it possible to do feeling again? the hole is quite big. I never extract a teeth out, so i have full set a teeth.

Is it a need to do root canal treatment and crowning? What is the risk of doing and after doing this? How high the the risk of infection and/or causing jaw bone losses?

What will be the best approach for this? Is extraction and replant with the ceramic - Crown treatment the best; based on the current technology?
I am worry about my jaw becoming weird.

Any advise given is highly appreciated. As a student; this is unfortunate for me

Thank you .. in advance.


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