Questions on Mewing in relation to Orthodontics/Night Guards

Jul 9, 2023
It took me a while to realise the obvious, but if mewing slowly widens your palate over time, then am I right in saying there's ultimately no point in someone - who as a retainer or night guard - to do mewing if their hope is to enhance their facial profile. Apart from the health benefits of mewing, if it's not possible to widen one's palate, then I guess the only other aesthetic benefit to mewing would be that you support your upper face.

So in the case of myself, I can think of it as that during the day while mewing I'd be forcing my teeth outwards, and then my night guard would push in the opposite direction to this during the night. So there would be an ongoing battle?

In this video from the 6:00 mark Dr Mike Mew emphasises that it's important that habits supporting the 'inner U' to go in balance with habits that support the 'outer U'. It made me wonder, what if someone were to just mew for the 'inner U' without doing chewing excises for the 'outer U', or vis versa? If you were to do all mewing and nothing for the jaw, then could that mess up one's bite?

My other question, is that I've had invisalign so I've had a small amount of IPR. If my smile were instead perfected by making space for the teeth, then the orthodontist would need to widen my upper and lower palate, giving me a heathier looking face. Dr Mike Mew used an image with a almost identical to the fourth one attached below, to demonstrate what a perfect looking arch should look like. So if I wanted my arch to be perfect like that one, then this would involve introducing gaps between my teeth. So if I wanted this done, would those gaps needs to be filled with composite? Mike Mew claims that this can be done on most individuals under the age of 40. Below are three images of my own (before and after for the lower, and after for the upper). The invisalign has widened my arch a very small bit at the front only. But invisalign doesn't seem to have the ability to move the molars.

Another question I have, is that a lot of videos on youtube seem to indicate that mewing improves the jawline, which confuses me slightly. Am I right in saying that mewing is for the inner U and has little influence on the jawline? I would also like to know more about these functional appliances, and are there many orthodontists that use them?

teeth lower b4.pngteeth lower aft.pngteeth upper aft.png

teeth upper ideal.png
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