Peridex experience at a dentist for a checkup questions

Nov 22, 2023
Went to the dentist for a cleaning today, I got prescribed local del of chemo into dis of 4 back molars for 60 dollars each after my insurance (Dhmo) I have very bad gums they were 6 and the other 4 back molars teeth in March so that wasn't a total surprise (those teeth are now at a 4 and were at 6/7 level before.

But I also got prescribed a one time mouth rinse at the dentist called peridex which I never heard of before today for 150 dollars, is this a normal rinse to perscibe to someone like me? I looked up the drug online and it costs 12 dollars and your supposed to do it after the dentist at home so something isn't adding up but may be totally off

Patient history
Bad gums
Bad over bite jaw grew on the top after my braces later in my teen life and doesn't affect my daily life that bad and don't want to do surgery as it looks awful and painful and expensive
No cavities
Dhmo insurance will be upgrading to ppo in January

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