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Jul 19, 2021
Hi, im new to this forum and not sure if its UK based but here goes. So for many years iv suffered from gum disease and i have known this. Its now got to a stage where i need to save what teeth i have left. I have been advised now by 2 private dentists to take all my molers out to save the rest.
I then came across a treatment offered in London called Duo-Laser Periodental Treatment at The Behrens Dental Practice i south Kensington. So i booked in a consultation and the potential solution is that this treatment will eliminate the cause of the disease and stimulate healing (saving teeth). The site states:
'The Key to treating periodontal disease is to eliminate or significantly reduce the number of certain aggressive bacteria in your gum (pockets) and to stop them from coming back'.

After speaking to a dentist at the practice they told me that even after having deep cleans done the gum disease doesnt go away becaseu there are certain pockets that a deep clean can never reach. So this Laser treatment will get to those pockets and eliminate the cause.

Are there any dentists on this forum that have heard of this laser treatment, i also noticed on the website they talk about laser treatment for gum disease but they dont mention what laser treatment.

any advice on here from a dentist would be great as iv heard its not something many dentists know about.

Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day

Laser treatment is a very new adjunctive therapy to conventional periodontitis management and studies is ongoing. The different types of lasers with different wave lengths has various degrees of success. In my opinion, laser therapy does not replace conventional treatment and is only an adjunct to normal treatment in order to have the best possible outcome. Periodontal disease in my opinion, is a disease that you have for the rest of your life, once diagnosed, and the main aim is to manage the disease. This means to prevent the disease from spiraling out of control, leading to fast bone and tooth loss.


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