Questions About A Front Tooth Flipper

May 26, 2021

So this Friday, I am getting my front tooth taken out. I am kind of freaking out - a missing front tooth is something everyone can see. It's a weird feeling - like I have been through a lot with this front tooth and now they are taking it out.

The problem started when I was a child - half the tooth was knocked out and so half of the tooth was fake. Over the years, the foundation of that tooth has weakened, there was decay that I didn't even know about and now the tooth is so loose that it has shifted and I have a front teeth gap that wasn't there before.

I won't be able to afford an implant for quite some time, so this flipper will be permanent for a while. My dentist told me that I need to let it heal for a month, before doing the mold and getting the flipper. So I will look like a hillbilly for a while.

I wanted to ask a dentist here if there are different front tooth flipper options that I should bring up with my dentist. Do they all have the metal wires that hook on to your teeth or do some pop right into the roof of your mouth?

One issue is that I already have a speech impediment, so I am worried the flipper will make it worse. I was told that they can do a metal plate that is thinner than the plastic plate, but I am not sure if that will make any difference when it comes to talking. I know it is something that I will probably have to get used to, but it would be good to get the best option in this regard.

I guess I am just worried about my smile looking the same - once the tooth that I have had for decades is gone. I mean do they tweak the flipper repeatedly until it looks like how I want it to look like my original tooth is still there or is it more they just take the mold, make the flipper and here you go as long as it fits right. How about matching the color of the rest of your teeth?

I would greatly appreciate any dentist feedback on a front tooth flipper and any responses from people who actually have a front tooth flipper.

Thank you,




Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
Flippers are a very simple plastic denture. Sometimes they can have wires which grip onto the back teeth, but sometimes there is not enough room to do this for the 1st flipper unless adjustments are made to the back teeth. Metal dentures would make it easier for you to adjust your speech, but often require more adjustment of the back teeth, and this may be more harm than good - talk to your dentist. Many people have dentures and you wouldn't know it. Your tongue will adjust to the extra thickness, but will probably take about 2 weeks. Just talk slowly and as clearly as poss so your brain relearns the positioning.


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