Multiple Extractions of the few teeth I have...

Nov 12, 2019
Should I go ahead and let my dentist pull my last upper 6 teeth and lower 9 bottom teeth?? He recommends a full upper denture because my bone loss will not take implants and on the bottom to pull these as well and get a denture with 2 implants for the denture to adhere to. I'm just curious... I have a hard time doing a full extraction - hard to accept because I can't believe this is where i'm at at 62. What should I do ?? I've been pulling one tooth at a time thus far and I have had to have 2 upper partials made and just haven't ever has a lower partial and have made do with upper only. Insurance of course will not cover a new partial except for in a certain time frame so I obviously have to consider do I really want to spend the money or do I just pull them all and get a full top denture and have 2 lower implants for a full denture to adhere to... Don't know what to do.



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
Are you having pain and swelling? Are you having difficulty chewing and functioning? Are your remaining teeth loose? Maybe you can provide images and x-rays.


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