Had 3 fillings done over 2 months ago and in massive pain and...

Mar 4, 2015
I lost my job as well as my insurance so I had to go on Medicaid. The dentist office I am forced to go to is horrible and I'm afraid that something wrong has happened. I had 3 fillings done on the bottom right side of my mouth. Once the numbing wore off, I could feel how sharp and uneven the fillings were. I was going back to the dentist for other work so when I went back the following week, I told the root canal specialist that I was having issues and he went to get the dentist. She refused to see me even though she was available. The root canal specialist tried to smooth them out for me and sent me home. The next few days the pain became unbearable, my tongue was all cut up on the side from the jagged fillings and I now had a giant sore right below the fillings. I'm to the point where I can't touch the outside of my face, touch the inside of my jaw along the gum line without severe pain or floss those teeth. I made an appointment with the dentist that did the fillings and when she saw me she said there would be no reason I was in pain and refused to look in my mouth! I walked out in tears and when I turned around to practically beg her for help she closed the door on me and then refused to speak to me. It's now been 2 more weeks and the pain is going into my ear. I've had fillings done before back when I had insurance and I never had any issues like this. I am trying to find another office but in the meantime I'm super worried that something serious is going on. Currently I am still in constant severe, throbbing and stabbing pain. I still have the giant sore under the teeth, I can't touch inside my mouth along my jaw line or the outside of my face, the fillings are still super jagged and cutting up my tongue pretty bad and if I try to floss it's extremely painful and achy with the one tooth and the other feels like an open cavity still. If anyone has any advice I will take anything please!

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