My front teeth is little forward after the fillings done.

Feb 11, 2019
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Hi all,
I had my cavities done 8 months back in the teeth numbers 13,14,15,19. I usually have my front teeth a little forward compared to others. But it doesn't bother me to close the mouth or to talk. Now after the fillings and after many bite adjustments, I feel the front teeth move bit forward when compared to the teeth before the fillings done. Now, I feel like difficult to close the mouth.Does it related to fillings or the teeth move forward over the time?

I still have issues with the fillings.I have some discomfort on the left side of the mouth.
my dentist asked me for refilling because of air bubbles. Whether this makes the front teeth move forward? Or any bite issues?
Is this normal? Please help.
Thank you.
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