Fillings were too fixed and still in pain

Apr 19, 2019
Alright so where to start.

This all started about a month ago. So I avoided the dentist for about 8 years due to financial issues and bad dental anxiety.
I finally went and of course had about 7 cavities. I was expecting worse, but still, ugh.
So I went in about 3 weeks-month ago to get 4 cavities filled on the right side of my mouth. The dentist I went to was pretty aggressive and it was clear him and his dental assistant did NOT get along. As soon as her finished I could tell that my bite was off, but I was so anxious and scared I could barely he ran out in a hurry.

My filings were way too high, I couldn't even keep my teeth together. But I requested an appointment at the same place with a different dentist to correct this and get my other filings done. Unfortunately I couldn't get in till last night. In the mean time, I was dealing with severe pain if I bit down wrong....Especially in my own tooth. and sever sensitivity in all my left teeth. I couldnt even chew on a piece of bread without a shooting pain. I was basically living on ibuprofen's to try to take the edge off. I cant even floss between my two molars because even touching the side of my tooth hurts. I understand that there is sensitivity after but this is insane. Doesn't matter if it's hot, cold, warm, air, water, my tongue.....if I touch this tooth it hurts.

So last night I went back and the dentist filed down my filings....what a relief ..right? well...kind of . So now I can bite down And I thought maybe that because my filing wasn't so high that my own tooth would ease off....I was mistaken. The one tooth is still so sore and super sensitive.....I bit into a blackberry and the seed ended up in that white pain...., I still can't bite down with it. I wasnt having any pain or issues before and now I can't even use my left teeth for chewing. So I'm using the right side (which just got filings) and are super sensitive still. I feel like I'm going to go's either deal with freshly filled teeth which are all sensitive or deal with this ONE tooth thats causing me such sever pain.....Ive never heard of being able to lightly press on my tooth and it hurt this
Apr 20, 2019
This is not normal! the chairside manner you attest to is terrible and I am sorry you have gone through this experience. Usually, this pain that you talk about is soo intense because you are doing something called primary contact where a specific part of the antagonist's tooth contacts the new foreign surface. At my practice, we have a very different way of treating this situation.

Please be advised to change dentists or demand proper attention.

if not give me a quick message and let us help you feel better.



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