Upper teeth and lower teeth not aligning properly after the fillings.

Feb 11, 2019
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I had 4 tooth cavity fillings in the month of June 2018. The numbers are 13,14,15,19.

I had severe sharp pain after the fillings done and I went to my dentist and he filed down the high fillings. I went for four visits as I always feel some discomfort or some pressure in the left lower side of my mouth. He filed down the extra in my 3 visits and in the 4th visit, he said there might be bubbles inside the filling and the filling has to be replaced.

I am always do nervous about dental visit and this was my first cavity filling done in my life. So, I was worried about doing it again. He told that it has to be redone to the tooth number 19.He didn't take any x-rays.

Also, my upper and lower teeth are not joining or aligning together. I feel like its sliding over. Is it because of the fillings or anything?

I am so worried and didn't go back to the dentist. I still get the pain or pressure feeling in my lower left side of the mouth. I am not sure if it's because of the air bubbles in the tooth number 19 or the fillings done in the upper left side tooth too. I am not sure which one is causing problem. How to identify the air bubbles in the cavity filling? What should do I do now?Should i get it refilled or should i check my bites with another dentist?

kindly please help me with your advice. It really makes me nervous.

Thank you!


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