Finally happy to know my actual issue

Apr 24, 2022
It's been almost a year of palatal pain , burning, ulceration, redness and purplish color issue

Unable to eat for this entire year

But i am so thankful to my friend who is a doctor , Radiologist of my city cancer research institute and one retired Perio surgeon who did a tremendous effort to find my issue

They pun pointed what wrong happened to me and what actually it is

I had a dental cleaning session on last year 2021 , Nov 19 as i have sent for COVID health workers support in the crisis . After return from COVID duty i had my scaling, i hectic 2 years duty in remote place i thought time to clean my calculas and debris of mouth . The monster waiting at that clinic . As per cancer institute and my friend along with perio surgeon during the cleaning foreign object stuck inside my palatal gingiva and that what caused my palatal infection which caused my palatal cortical plate , discontinuity of cortical plate in various places , bony deformity of palatal surface . I have to loose few teeths as roots palataly exposed totally and furcation involved something which cause unsavable situation. My case is recorded as most rearest case in the Cancer institute history

They did first a TRAIL AND ERROR surgical debridement of Subgingival area and Found Infected granulation tissues

And all smiled looking at me Saying You will be all fine .

I need a complete palatal debridement with antibiotics therapy . Which will be done in 16 Nov 2022 by 7 team of doctors with presence of Director of Cancer institute.

I am so happy that all those doctors arranged my treatment for free of cost as apology on behalf of that dentist

Neurosurgeon, ENT , craniofacial, Orthodontic, Periodontist, Cardio specialist, anesthesiologist and few other


My infection is so notorious that MRI , CBCT all just showing i am loosing this bone , here abscess but the root cause repeated infection hidden under my palatal mucosa and it's roaming there for this entire year .

Biopsy of multiple locations finally triggered the doctor mind that this also could happen

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