DENTAL IMPLANTS - Are there really happy people after implants

May 14, 2019
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Hi ,

I had shaking teeth because of receded gums and gum diseases. Doctors suggested Dental Implants in three of the front bottom teeth and did implants for those three teeth. Its been only a month now - I know its too early, but just concerned.
Am having some pain or some discomfort or some stiffness in nearby teeth or all combined. Not gonna blame doctors for now, as I had so much pain during first week of implant, and I kept bugging them for everything, now they gave treatment and its somewhat reduced.

Before getting implants:
From all the websites, forums or dental sites I read, it was like Implant is nothing and will be a easy process. U go home happily, with bright smile , exercise next day, what not.

After getting implants:
(hope I read these before implants, since I had tooth ache, may be I hurried a little on getting implants)
Most forums and websites I read, says people are having problems in some months , or in some years. It looks like most people are not happy. Not sure, just to confirm that am posting this in this forum.

Are there really happy people with implants or everyone is going through some problem or other and not letting the world know ? ...

Am 29 and am very concerned as I agreed to do Implant hoping it would last for me for atleast decade without much issues.

After reading all these bad stories. A few to 50 happy people with implants will cool me down a little now I guess.


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