Finally a definitive diagnosis came out

Apr 24, 2022
I have to go through a palatal surgery due to mis diagnosis of oral surgeons for last one year. They ignored the basic history . My mouth issues start with a hard palate infection in 2021 November. When my infection diagnosed by ENT doctor he mentioned clearly on his advice slip that i need SUBGINGIVAL CURETTAGE to severe infection clean up residual things needs to removed from my maxillary region . My palate infection onset was like white yellow color with several red pimple like objects all around the palate which reduced in first 3 week ENT treatment period . Than he adviced the mentioned procedure and if required a tissue examination but when he referred me to oral surgeon he insted following what ENT said prescribed me steroid gels and antioxidants. I kept following oral surgeon for last almost a year . 3 weeks ago i visited the same ENT as my symtoms remained same as before . He examined me with routine blood work , Serological test ( anti dna , anti sm , anti hbe etc ) with an MRI , HE said my reports as Hyperplasia of mucosa in palate region with granuloma something. He is surprised to see lot of error by my oral surgeon. Diagnosis error , radiology interpretation error , clinical observations clearly showing slight redness in various places . I saw first time in life a Doctor angry and scolding another doctor for such a unprofessional way of treating a person . So now ENT referred me to a Doctor named Dr Sunil Richardson for my surgery and Biopsy .

Atlast i am happy that it will be cured . I don't worry whatever outcome of biopsy but atleast happy that i am on right track of treatment.

ENT Doctor Dr Gautam Khaund . He is a angle to me now . I can't express what I have faced for the year . I hope noone should face such trauma in life due to someones ignorance.

ENT advice me when i cried out ( Uploaded what he messaged me )


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