Extreme pain and sensitivity after whitening

Jan 8, 2023
I have started teeth whitening with my dental hygienist. I am using carbamide peroxide gels with 6, 10 and 16 %. I started using smaller percentages overnight in my custom trays and after two to three days my teeth were extremely sensitive. It is extremely painful and they hurt even when i dont eat, just constant pain all day. After the pain stopped in a few days i tried it again and again there was extreme pain where I cant focus on anything else and it interferes with my daily activities, ibuprofen doesnt help at all. My problem is that I know only hydrogen and carbamide peroxide actually work to whiten teeth and carbamide is supposed to be the more gentle option. If this is causing me extreme pain, does it mean I cant actually whiten my teeth at all? It is making me very upset and I dont know what to do, the pain is unbearable and lasts several days. Is there any way to relieve the pain and sensitivity when whitening with peroxides?? Thanks a lot.



Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
For how long are the trays being used each time?
How many times a day?
Do you drink fizzy drinks, fruit juices, or sports drinks?


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