just had root canal and extreme pain

Apr 24, 2015
ok i have had many root canals before and afterward i was always fine this time tho by the next morning it felt like my tooth was going to explode i was alone at night no way to get anywhere. i remembered when i was a kid (a different dentist) did work and put in a temp filling and i had a very similar pain and i was able to get to him he took the temp out and it was fine. so i took a dental pic and ripped the temp out probilly not the best idea i had no other option as soo as i did it it was almost fine definitely alot of relief . now today some of the pain has come back not all say before i pulled the temp out it was 10 on a scale of 1-10 now its goes back and forth from 6-7. is there anything i can doo here or product that will help (my dentist is a far ride and have no way to get there and i was told hospital will probilly just put the temp back in wich i deffinitly dont want that any help would be appreciated.

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