Extreme pain possibly caused by implant

Nov 25, 2012
My dentist referred me to an oral surgeon to have tooth #13 replaced with an implant. Although a crown was possible, he suggested the implant because "I would never have problems with it again." Six months after the implant was placed, I was referred back to my dentist for the abutment/crown. I expressed my concern that the crown was too small to my dentist, but he assured me it "looked great." The next week, a large filling fell out of the tooth located behind the implant. Since then, I have experienced phases of extreme pain that last for about an hour and can only be relieved with ibuprofen and pain medicine. The pain is intense and includes the entire left side of my face. When the pain dies down, my jaw and ear are sore to touch. It could be weeks before I have another episode. I have an appointment this week to see the same dentist, but I am considering seeing a new dentist. I have never been officially diagnosed with TMJ, but I do grind my teeth at night and clinch during the day. What is causing this pain? The implant or the crown? If it is the filling that fell out, do you think this was caused by the implant? Thank you.

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