Extreme front tooth pain

Dec 8, 2011
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Hello, So I have excruciating pain in my front lower left tooth , I believe Its called the left cuspid, I broke my jaw in this spot (and a few other) about 8 years ago and it rearranged the tooth a little bit, but after the wires came out its been fine since then, absolutley no pain until I woke up one morning and the tooth and jaw was sore. I went to the Dentist, the took x-rays and adjusted the bite a little bit, and sent me on my way. The tooth looks fine, and im guessing by if they took x-rays there was no visible problems, but it still hurts a lot. I mentioned I might grind my teeth at night and the dentist didnt think much about it. So I did a little research and I have all the reasons that lead to bruxism- acid reflux, anxiety, high amounts of caffeine. I got a mouth guard from the drug store and been taking a lot of advil, Any advice, suggestions, past experiance is a help, because the pain is pretty bad now , cant put any pressure on the tooth and it hurts down to the jaw. And its not hot/cold sensitive. thanks for the help!


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