Extreme Tooth pain after root canal

Jun 10, 2015

I want to start off my saying I've had a lot of things done to my teeth in the past 6-8 months.
I got the three wisdom teeth removed, I didn't get the Upper Left one removed because the molar before that one had really bad cavities so my dentist said it was better if we extracted that one instead of the wisdom tooth so we did that. After a few weeks, almost two months, I was still feeling horrible pain the wisdom tooth not removed, I went to the dentist and said I needed to get 4 root canals on different teeth, this tooth was one of them. Long story short, I went to another dentist because the previous one just wanted to collect money from me. This new dentist removed the wisdom tooth and said I only needed one root canal on number 19 ( I think) which is the upper left tooth and the other ones were going to be OK with just fillings so we did that, he did the fillings which worked pretty good. He then said to come back a few weeks later to do the root canal, I agreed, I went around to get the nerves out but after two weeks I was still feeling a lot of pain so I went back and did the "cleaning" part again, the second time they cleaned it they also put the temporary crown. I was still felling a lot of pain after weeks so I went back, the dentist told me my gums were really irritated and that I needed to floss and brush my teeth more often. Well here I am, almost three months later, and I still feel pain, it is so bad that I can't even drink room temperature water on the left side because it hurts A LOT, even my Left upper tooth were he did the filling hurts. I can't drink, eat, chew or do anything on that side and it's really bothering me. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?
Apr 29, 2015
At the point when a tooth pains after root trench, Several elements may be included . In the event that temperature affectability or agony exists, its either another tooth alongside the tooth being referred to, or a frill or primary nerve still leaves in the tooth and the root trench should be withdrawn. On the off chance that temperature does not bring about any throbbing torment then a crack in the tooth, and an in sick fitting crown could cause it.


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