Broken Cap - Severe (but short lived) pain

Feb 13, 2018
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Is there anything I can pack round what I assume is a broken cap to stop severe (but short lived) sensitivity? Cap was fitted in 1985 so has lasted pretty well, but broke a couple of weeks ago. I Assume the post went with it as the part left in gum is small and wide (the very opposite of a post).

All was fine for a couple of days and then I started getting debilitating stabs of pain (what I assume is nerve pain) but stops after around ONE second. Problem's getting more common and is now happening a few times per hour instead of a few times per day. Can drink hot tea and then Ice cream with no adverse effects. Seems to be the sugar in the tea that sets it off.

Can't get signed with an NHS dentist (I worked contract so moved around country/Europe and never in one place long enough to sign with dental practice) and simply can't afford the quoted £600 to root canal or remove whats left of the post. It's front upper middle (one of two front teeth). I tried to super-glue it - which survived the first contact with food (after 24 hrs) but fell out when cleaning.

I'm now thinking of Blue-tac to try and stop the sensitivity until I can get either an emergency appointment (when this happened to different tooth - I was in Scotland - Their emergency service removed post for £12) or signed up with a dentist I can afford (or I can get a day return ticket to Scotland :)).

I'm nearing 60 years old so past caring what I LOOK like so would be happy with anything that would stop the pain (IE. Don't need tooth replacing)

Thanks in advance for any advice



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