Understanding NHS costs

Apr 15, 2021

I moved back to my parents home to look after them during the pandemic.

My local dentist wouldn't take me on as a patient as they were not opening their books during the pandemic, I'm likely to be taken on in 2-3 months.

I've had 2 crowns fall out during this year one of which I saved the other I think I swallowed, and now I've chipped a tooth. I'm not in pain (the dentist would see me if I was) and have managed to temporary fill the gaps in my crown with commercial dental filler.

I'm trying to understand the band pricing for NHS work but I'm confused. I might need both crowns doing and the chip might need to be filled (I'm not sure I'm just guessing) obviously the crowns fall under band 3 which is approx £280 but I can't work out if this is inclusive of all work or per tooth/treatment? Also if the chipped tooth needs filling this would be band 2 cost, would I pay band 3 for the crowns and then band 2 for the filing or will all of it fall under band 3?

Last question if I need more than one visit but for the same work will that fall under a one charge or will I need to pay a band charge each time?

Just wanting to manage my money which has been hard during the last year.

Thanks for reading

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