NHS Bridge Pricing

Mar 20, 2020
Hi All,
I am registered with an NHS dentist and have just had both my bottom front teeth come out due to gum disease.
I was given the option of a denture under NHS but if I wanted a bridge it would be £1200+. I would prefer to have the bridge but have now been told I need to have a further 2 teeth removed and total cost £1775, they have said the denture would not be a good option because of the position of one of my lower teeth. I am just confused why I am paying so much if they say the denture wouldn’t work and now they say I need to see a gum specialist with an approximate cost of £1000. Has anyone had this done before with a rough idea of cost. I don’t mind paying but not sure if this is standard dentist pricing. Please help as very confused.



Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
Can't comment much about prices as I'm in Australia, but they seem OK. However, if you have lost 2 lower front teeth due to gum disease, then it's very likely the adjacent teeth are badly damaged and a bridge is unlikely. Better to spend the money on a gum specialist (periodontist) and get all gums fixed up before you consider the options.


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