Tooth hurts when I apply small pressure, pain goes away when I increase the pressure. Dentist found nothing wrong

Jun 15, 2021
Only one tooth hurts. The pain is provoked only by small pressure/touch, also when I'm eating. But the pain disappears when I increase the pressure and for 30 seconds I feels no pain. The harder the pressure the less pain I feel. Cold or warm stimuli don't provoke any pain.

All started 1 moths ago, gradually the I could feel more pain and the peek lasted 2-3 days, after that no pain. This cycle repeated itself 3 times. This third time I see that the pain continues to last event after 5 days.

Today I went to the dentist,first he did a visual inspection and didn't find something wrong, then he decided to do a X-Ray (yellow arrow points to the tooth) and again, nothing wrong. Told me to change the tooth paste to Sensodyne rapid relief and different tooth brush.

I had multiple tooth interventions in the past (not at that tooth) and this is nothing like what I have experienced before. I's a strange situation where I feel a strange pain (only on small and medium pressure) and the tooth seems to be OK.

Is this something to do with tooth sensibility?? Or do you think its something else ?


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Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
Having an image where the root tip is captured (Periapical angulation) may help. There may be different possibilities. You may be stressed and you grind/clench without knowing it. You may have an anterior open bite where your lower incisors are not contacting against the tooth and it may be slightly hyper-erupting. You may have a history of trauma or braces.

Jun 15, 2021
Thank you for taking time to respond! I don't have a history of trauma or braces. Only thing that I changed, 3 weeks before any pain started, was my toothpaste. I decided to try Colgate Active Charcoal. Two weeks after the first symptoms I changed the toothpaste to Sensodyne protect and repair.

Only logical explanation that seems reasonable is that by using the charcoal toothpaste the dentin canaliculi were exposed, making the tooth sensible. The only problem with this is that I feel no pain at cold or hot stimuli.

You are right, it would have been good to capture the entire root. But the nurse was really clumsy. She give me two doses of X-Ray because se forgot to plug something during the first one. Anyhow, I don't think is something wrong at the tip of the root, because we can see almost all of it. I have to be extremely unlucky to have an infection at the very tip of the root with no gums inflammation or constant pain.

Only explanation for now is: Colgate Active Charcoal -> exposed dentin canaliculi -> maybe some pulp inflammation (hopefully reversible if this is the case).

If the pulp is inflamed without any visual effects (gums...) is there any medication for it ? If I take some anti-inflammatory, just in case, is OK ?


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