Tooth next to Root Canal hurts

May 21, 2019
I had a cracked filling on tooth 19 that caused deep decay. It didn’t hurt, it was found on routine xrays. Dentist preformed root canal and same day permanent crown last week. The assistant used a laser tool to measure the area for the crown.
A few days later I noticed a hole near my gums between tooth19 and 20. I also noticed that both 19 and 20 are sensitive to tapping. I can’t eat on that side due to mild pain with applied pressure. It’s not at all sensitive to heat or cold.
I went in yesterday to have them take a look. They poked at 20 with a metal tool and one spot hurt like a touched nerve.
They said it’s just laser damage due to the decay being so deep and the area will heal. They said the area looks great and is healing nicely.

Does this sound right??

Thank you in advance for your input!!
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