Feel mild sharp pain after 17 days of wisdom tooth removal and hurts to open the jaw wider. Is this normal?

Feb 11, 2019
I had lower jaw pain, ear pain with mild swelling over the jaw line for 2 months. Been to many dentist and no definite answer. Told me to try removing the upper wisdom tooth and extracted it 2 weeks back. I still have the same lower jaw pain, continuous ear sore pain and neck pain. My neck is so sore and tender to touch. Under the ear was sore to touch.
I didn't feel much pain on the extraction site as I was having more pain on the lower jaw and ear, neck.
For last 2 days, I feel sharp pain on the extraction site. I am still using peridex rinse and salt water rinse. I haven't used that side to chew at all till yesterday. Only yesterday I chewed little food on that side and after that I felt sharp pain on and off.

Then I stopped chewing that side.
I am not able to open the jaw wider and it does hurt on the site when I open the jaw. When can we start chewing food on that side? And paining while opening jaw is normal?


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