Root canal treatment or tooth removal?

May 18, 2022
I would like to ask for information related to my infection of tooth number 29, the one with the crown on the right jaw. Some dentists have suggested extraction of the tooth due to its infection, arguing that the root canal would be difficult due to the oblique screw, some suggested root canal treatment and saving the tooth.

What would you suggest in this case? What would be the procedure? Xray was taken yesterday.

Thank you very much in advance!


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Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day

Metal post removal can sometimes lead to root fracture, especially if the root canal is old. The oblique nature does make the procedure more risky.
Although a re-treatment might be possible, I would get an opinion from a specialist endodontist first, to determine why the root canal is failing. He can take a 3D CBCT scan of the tooth, to determine if the root canal failed due to a short filled canal, or missed accessory canals. Or did it fail due to a possible root fracture? This will then determine the best treatment route to follow.
Also look at expenses. Is it cheaper to do a re-treatment, with a new crown and post, or would extraction with an implant be a better long term solution.
There is always the risk that the re-treatment of a previously treated tooth, could end up with the same result.


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