Root Canal re-treatment concerns

Feb 11, 2022
For a couple of years I have been getting occasional pain on a lower back molar (2nd from back) which had root treatment many years ago. This would last 5 seconds a few times over a couple of days and then disappear for several months. My UK dentist said there was bacteria in the roots and advised either extraction or seeing an Endodontist. Anyway, late last year it start to happen more regularly and my dentist referred me to an Endo.

I started the molar retreatment early January. The tooth has 4 canals and the first 3 were cleaned out on my second visit. First 2 days there was no pain, then pain for 4 days and then more distant pain until my next visit 2 weeks later. I assume this distant pain was due to the 4th root having bacteria.

My next appointment the 4th root, which is curved was cleaned out. My Endo was very happy with the result as he said it was very challenging. He warned me it would likely be quite sore in the following days. He has checked for other canals and said none.

There was no pain the first two days, pain for 3 days. For the last 4 days the pain has lessened a bit but is now a background nagging with periodic flashes of pain for a few seconds – not dissimilar to I had pre-treatment!
My Endo said about having pain this long is normal and but couldn't say how long it would last. We have set 2 dates for final treatment in a week and 3 weeks time depending on the pain receding.

Before and during treatment my sleep has not suffered and the pain subsides overnight. Its fine for a hour or two when I get up but seems to worsen as the day progresses with flashes as mentioned above.
Is it correct that the treatment pain can continue at some level for many days even weeks?

Ive noticed that with pain pre-treatment, during and now that Paracetemol, Ibuprofen, Co-odomol have no effect. Why is this?
Neither my dentist or Endo had an answer.

Is it OK to get a crown fitted a few weeks after the final treatment?




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