Need advice on treatment plan given for tooth second molar

Dec 3, 2021
I have pain in the gum of tooth#31. I have seen the dentist and he noticed tartar plaque buildup only on this tooth and other teeth were fine.
He said he don't know why only this tooth have tartar buildup. And did deep cleaning on this side upper and lower. Didn't do it on other side. Did only half of the mouth.

He said probing depth are birthday l normal but I screamed and jumped when he probed that gum. So he said I can try deep cleaning.
It's been few months after deep cleaning and I feel the same. No changes at all. That tooth gum still hurts and again tartar buildup around the gum line.

I went to periodontist and he said x-rays and probing depth normal.
Came back to dentist. He is suggesting root canal on it too see if it helps.
Or gum laser therapy. I don't know what that is.
He said root canal is better to try than gum later therapy treatment.
Should I go for RCT on this tooth 31?

I had similar issues on tooth 30 and ended up pulling it out because that Tooth was painful even after trying several exploratory root canals and retreatments. Cbct scans were clear too. Now tooth 31 gum started without any findings on x-rays. But very painful for touching, brushing, rubbing on it etc.
Does gum pain resolve on its own even after been troubling for few years. Or should I get the root canal or gum treatment?


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