Please help advice needed.

Oct 12, 2022
Dear Sir / Madam

I’m currently on disability benefit for arthritis conditions, I also have non epileptic seizures on a weekly basis, I’m also on Income-related Support Allowance due to my arthritis in my joints (Legs and Hip) .

I have a lot of missing teeth including a front tooth, I have a denture that I don’t use as there has been a lot of times where I’ve almost swallowed and choked to death on my denture when I had a seizure which my father had to lean my head forward to prevent it going further down my throat I also have psoriasis which I’ve been told can effect the teeth, I also have psoriatic arthritis.

I have been told this from a dentist that couldn’t help me...
There is a system within the NHS that allows dentists to refer patients to certain hospitals and apply for certain patients . They have to fit a criteria for funding , there is a list which the dentist follows and refers you to the hospital .

I have looked at the list and it covers a few medical conditions including seizures which I know you have, this doesn’t matter if it’s epileptic seizures or none epileptic seizures you should still be able to get free implants regarding this and your dentist needs to refer you to the Birmingham dental hospital.

I’m on benefits so I can’t afford the high cost of implants though I can manage monthly payments, I have a denture plate as some of my teeth have come out but because every so often I have a seizure (not epilepsy) like I said it’s caused me to almost swallow my denture as it came loose and fell to the back of my throat, luckily my father quickly got it out of my mouth by leaning me forward to prevent it from choking me, plus I also have psoriasis which doctors have said psoriasis can in some cases effect the teeth which is happening to me, it’s also extremely painful when eating.

I’m scared of putting my denture in just in case I do swallow it and choke to death so I’m unable to wear my denture, I’ve been told that dentists can refer a patient for free implants on the NHS which my dentist has referred me to Birmingham dental hospital due to my condition, I just wanted to get more advice here as I’m worried that they won’t be able to do implants for me and I only have a few teeth left and I’m only 45 years old.

I’m missing teeth on both sides upper and lower jaw and missing one at the front so you can imagine how it’s getting me down, I have a few teeth left. I have emailed so many places and had zero luck so far and it’s really getting me down and losing hope there’s nothing worse losing your smile and sometimes makes me feel suicidal as I hate looking in the mirror at my teeth but I’m hoping some good will come from Birmingham dental hospital, it’s also making my depression worsen to the point I’m having suicidal thoughts.

I’ve put some links in regards to psoriasis causing dental issues.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my email I really appreciate it.

Best wishes,


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