Hi, can anybody help me to analyze my x-ray tooth photo?

Aug 31, 2023
my periodontal disease have been almost 20 years. I only made 3 or 4 times teeth cleaning.
recently, it's worse than before, I found that one tooth can move a little, it's not strong enough, and ache sometimes.
so I go to a hospital and take a x-ray photo
my doctor said that she will make teeth cleaning, and 5 days later she will make scaling , and then she will decide if it's necessary to make a periodontal surgery, it deponds on recovery
but she said cleaning and scaling have no help with the ache teeth , it will be movable and ache forever
so can anybody help me to look at my x-ray photo, and give some suggestions about my alveolar bone?
how can I recover my tooth to the strong statement?


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