Does anybody have any experience about Apicoectomy Surgery ?

Dec 26, 2016
I watched this video on youtube :

It must be very diffucult procedure! I am really scared about this.

There are some informations on internet that this surgery casuses lots of pain?
is this really true?
Best Regards


Dec 29, 2016
I had apicectomy 5 weeks ago done by an oral surgeon. The surgeon was very skilled and he was also a qualified medical doctor as well as a specialist oral surgeon. The procedure was done under local anaesthetic and during the procedure there was no pain at all. Following the procedure it is is important to follow instructions and keep your mouth very clean so healing can complete. The next 2-3 days after surgery there will be swelling as your body heals, but this goes away and all swelling had gone down by day 6 and healing continued with me. The surgery is totally painless under local anaesthetic and the surgeon took about 45 minutes to complete the surgery. I would say, get someone to go with you, as you will not feel like driving afterwards and you need to rest after surgery. However, if you need to have the procedure done, then do not feel worried, it is no more traumatic than having a filling. The only thing I will say is that I had dissolvable stitches, but they did not dissolve and I had to go back and have them removed. Again this did not hurt at all. So the only thing I would say is get a good surgeon to do the work, one who is very experienced and the procedure itself will not be a problem.


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