Has anybody considered dental outreach clinics in Kenya?

Jun 11, 2016
Hi, and sorry for hijacking your forum.

I am a general practice nurse who for the past 5 years have been taking part in healthcare outreach clinics in rural Kenya. These are for 2 weeks and generally occur in November.
We have been working with local Kenyan staff for the past 3 years and last year we were lucky enough to take along a UK dentist too. The two of them worked really hard, in an area of malnutrition and where dental hygiene is taught but toothbrushes are scarce. They managed about 150 extractions in 6 days, mostly for severe caries and abscesses.
Our UK dentist is unable to join us this year, and she will be sadly missed by us nurses and the community.
Would anybody consider joining us?
We travel with Camps International, the trip costs approximately £690 with flights, visas and vaccinations on top.
Here is a video explaining what we do.
If anybody would like further details please contact me directly.



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