Had extraction on lower right wisdom tooth 5 days ago and really need someone to calm me down

Sep 3, 2019
Hi everyone!

It took me a very very long time to muster up the courage to take away this bothersome wisdom tooth. It was through the gum but was a little stubborn to remove so took a drill and some tugging.
On day 3 I started having a nasty smell in my mouth but decreasing pain. I never had a blood clot to begin with, my dentist had to scrape a little to force the blood to clot.
Yesterday (day 4) I couldn't take the smell anymore so went back to my dentist, he cleaned out the socket as food debri was down there, but he told me there was nothing in the socket, that it was empty! I was terrified of dry socket but he said it wasn't dry socket and that epithelium was blocking debri from reaching the sensitive tissue of the jaw bone. He then injected me with local anaesthesia and stimulated a clot, it worked. But today I notice it is once again, gone, just very dark colour substance at the bottom of the hole and some whitish/grayish tissue forming around it.
Today, day 5, I called my dentist and said I was beyond terrified I am going to develop dry socket as I know a clot is supposed to form. He told me to keep calm and that if I am not in pain that we will wait and see what happens, but that if I have pain I am to call him immediately. He said some people can heal regardless.
My questions are:

Now I am without the clot again, how likely is dry socket?
Can it still heal even without the clot?

I am totally overcome by anxiety and fear that suddenly I am gonna get a sharp shooting pain in my face and feel so depressed over this whole thing.
I've been googling images and my socket looks nothing like what I've seen.
Sep 22, 2019
have them give you sock it and put it in the wound a couple times a day. Also clover tea helped me and don't eat near the open wound...hope you feel better soon. Tissue forming around the socket is normal too.


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