Pain after lower molar extraction

Aug 12, 2016
2 days ago i had a lower molar extracted after it started hurting and the only option i could afford to have done was an extraction. So they went ahead and extracted it. I informed the dentist before they extracted it im very sensitive to tooth pain its the same for my mother and this is my 3rd extraction and i know what they feel like and i know how much they hurt during the healing process. So they extracted and then sent me on my way with nothing but the advise to take ibuprofen and tylenol i said ok and i immediately started taking ibuprofen without any tylenol as it makes my stomach very upset and if i take enough i will vomit. I learned that the hard way many times with other things instances and have had that issue for as long as i can remember. So i started to take the ibuprofen as suggested expecting to have some relief well when no relief came i up'ed my dose to 1200mg which seemed to work for the first day. On day 2 the pain was very bad and the 1200mg of ibuprofen i was taking every 6 hours was just not giving me any relief anymore and im in very bad pain from this extraction. It came to the point i felt like it was to much and called the dentist and explained i have been taking 1200mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours and im getting no relief and its really starting to affect every part of my life from sleeping to everyday tasks. They scheduled me an appointment to come in immediately and i went in and they said everything looked ok and i was healing quickly. I informed them that im in incredible pain and i dont know what to do anymore for relief as i have followed there instructions and its just simply not working. So they put a clove ball thing over the extraction site and said it should bring down the swelling and sent me on my with instructions to keep taking the ibuprofen at the dose of 800mg every 6 hours. I said ok and went on my way trusting this would help. Well its been 10 hours since i seen the dentist and im getting zero relief as suggested i would. And now im very pissed off i already had a fear of going to the dentist and now im down right pissed off im in alot of pain and out of options for any relief that i know of. I regret ever getting this molar extracted and really am considering not going to the fucking dentist anymore because everytime i do i seem to come out worse than when i went in. Im very disappointed as they was suppose to help me and now im sitting here in worse pain and nothing seems to help. I have taken 1200mg of ibuprofen and have the outside of extraction site and nothing is working and i dont trust my dentist to help me anymore as they didnt even seem to care and honestly acted like they knew my pain better than me. Im not looking for drugs im looking to not be in pain as i would rather re-dislocate my shoulder than be dealing with this crap and at least that i know the doctors take care of me and it gets better and is managed responsibly and the doctors actually listen to me. Im no drug addict or anything like that but really ibuprofen is not doing the job for me and i have explained it the best i could and the fucking dentist seemed to careless so im back to the idea fucking going to the dentist

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