2nd Last Lower Left Molar Extraction - Benumbed,Stiff,Hard Tissuses!!

Nov 12, 2013
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Hello to all forum mates!

I am facing a problem after the extraction of the above mentioned molar.The problem is that the skin inside area right infront of the molar extraction place has become benumbed,very stiff,little swollen and as tissues and nerves are so stretching and pulling till the ending on the top of the lower lip right starting form the beneath.

I am so upset to think whether this will be cured or not as it is more than 25 days and this
situation not arised after trhe extraction but just after a day when i undergone a hard and
severe pain in the said molar.

The detist has been saying that this will go with the passage of time and thus no medication is needed as this happens mostly as the nerve out there is compressed or need growing thus to take just vitamins for its quick healing.

Please advice and how to get rid off this stiffing and benumbed of the nerves or tissues.

Love to all forum mates and God Blessings!

Hani Hijaz
Newbie to Dentistry Forum
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