Lower left extraction, dry socket

Apr 27, 2019
i got the last tooth on the bottom back removed on Sunday last and within 24 hours the blood clot was removed leaving me with an infected dry socket. Already on antibiotics (cefaclor due to the fact I’m pretty much allergic to everything else) I went straight into the dentists and got it scraped out and they filled it with an antibiotic fake clot material (or whatever it is - they said they were trying to recreate the clot). They then also put me on Metronidazole to cover all infections. That night my whole face swelled up and down to my neck with so much pain and dizziness that I ended up going to the ER where they gave me two kinds of iv antibiotics and sent me home. I went back to the dentist the next day and once again they cleared it out and repacked it. That night - once again - I ended up in hospital (last night) with severe vomiting and fever. This time they just kept an eye on me and you can guess, sent me home. Today is been okay, the taste is still pretty bad but I do worry as that side of my face is still pretty warm despite the lack of pain. Should I go back and get it cleaned out again? Pictures for reference are attached.

Again I’m. It having a ton of pain anymore and the swelling is definitely going down, but I don’t want it to go bad again. Also I’m still on antibiotics an, though I’m struggling taking the metronidazole as it’s making me pretty ill to the stomach and giving me the runs quite a bit.

Sorry for the tmi.


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