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Nov 13, 2020
Hello forum,

I posted about the root aspects of my current problem in the endodontics forum last week. My molar 14 developed a periodontal abscess a few weeks ago. I have attached an X-ray, with gutta percha inserted up the abscess. As can be seen in the X-ray, the gutta percha travels very deep. I was referred to the endodontist to rule out any root involvement. I visited the endondontist a few days ago who examined the tooth and said that the root is vital and therefore a root canal is not needed. He referred me back to the periodontist to have gum surgery.
My question is how does gum surgery correct this deep tract that grows almost to the apex of the root? Is the area just cleaned and then the tract filled with a temporary material? Will the periodontist cut open my gum all the way up to where the tract ends?

Thanks in advance.


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Jun 14, 2018
I will get another endodontist opinion. All clues lead to pulpal disease. I believe the tooth to be partially necrotic due to the tooth having 4 canals and may have have some canals responding vital. That particular tooth is notoriously difficult to root canal and even more so with the canals calcified and the bridge abutment distorting natural anatomic landmarks. I would find an endodontist that uses chairside microscope.


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