bad fillings?

Jan 11, 2019
I have terrible molars due to my teenage years where i lived on sugar and had braces. I am now 24. knew from a prior dentist that filled a back molar i would need more as my grooves are deep. i visited a dentist for a checkup, got some x-rays and the next day had two fillings.

I can't afford to get all the work done being a poor intern and I'm due to go back next week to get another filling and she wants to redo the x-rays. However, the fillings do not match at all. The back molar was the one filled by a prior dentist and as you can see it matches perfectly. whereas the fillings this new one added on the sides of my teeth look absurd. Am i right in thinking this and should cancel my next appointment to stop this happening again? and can anything be done about the mismatched fillings?




Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
Well, they are only going to look absurd to other people if you go around holding your mouth open like that! Looking at the colour density, I think they may not be composites, but glass ionomer cements (GIC) or resin-modified GIC. They are actually a good choice because they contain fluoride and release it into the surrounding tooth, unlike composite which does not have those properties.
Another thing to consider is that for places where the appearances aren't critical (like back teeth), I generally put in a slightly whiter filling than the real tooth because it makes it easier to check in the future. Also makes it easier to replace if required because the dentist doesn't have to do it by feel. I would even consider amalgams there for the same reasons.
If you really want matched fillings everywhere, ask for it next time. But there's nothing wrong from a technical viewpoint for those ones.
As an aside, when my old molars eventually crack again, I'll be having gold crowns because they're the best material. I want something that's going to last for a bloody long time.


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