facial numbness, gum recession and other problems

Oct 11, 2018
Hi Everyone:

For the last few months, my face has been randomly been going numb or sore in various places including below my eye and lip, then a few week ago my incisors went weird and complely numb which appears to have gone away. I went to the dentist and they did an examination including xrays but could find nothing wrong and were basically at a loss, but I believe the nerve to be alive as the dentist prodded under the gum and I jumped and he said, sorry about that, just checking you're awake down there.

Previous to this at my last dentist, after 18 years of not going to the dentist, Im 36, I had tartar removed from the backs of my incisors and was informed a had slight gum recession which started me monitoring my gum levels obessively in a mirror but also improved my dental routine including an electric tooth brush, mouthwash and airflosser which I thought could only help.

At my current dentist since moving and having to wait a year to register with a dentist, I've also had two deep filling replaced and dark patches on my teeth (that seemed to appear over night) diagnosed as simply staining.

I have recently noticed that the bottom portion of my gum between my teeth at two places has turned grey and my recession seems to getting worse(might be all in my mind) but this combined with my facial soreness and numbness has me concerned. Especially considering, I've always taken care of my teeth, it seems the more care I take, the less my teeth like it.

I've got an dentists appointment next week but would like some guidance beforehand if possible.

What could it be? As its driving me nuts and wishing I never bothered going to the Dentists in the first place as have had nothing but trouble since.

Thank you.

Oct 11, 2018
Thank you, I will, I just hope this can be sorted as this will be my third appointment in little over 9 months. I thought taking care of your teeth was supposed to prevent problems not cause more.


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