Root Canal Post Exposed- weird facial sensation

Nov 29, 2016
About 2 years ago, I had a root canal. My dentist said insurance approved it all and we were good to go. When it was time to do the crown, the dentist said the insurance won't cover it and I couldn't afford it. Well, no the entire tooth below the gum is gone. -All I have is a gold colored rod sticking from my gum. I know I will have to have the whole thing extracted but I cant do it until the end of January. I have a weird sensation on that side of my face. When I squint, move my face or touch it, it feels weird. I am worried I have an infection but when I had a CT done for something unrelated... migraines, they said they didn't see any infection. I just feel it coincidental that it's on the same side. I feel it on my temple, cheek bone, behind the eye.... I have no more sick time and if I take off to get the extraction done I will legit get fired....

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