Pain in teeth after facial fracture

Dec 3, 2011
Nearly 4 weeks ago I had multiple facial fractures from a fall. Not inebriated, but can't remember as was knocked out. No medical condition found after days of tests. I believe I tripped and went for the empty wheelie bin for support!
Part of the report says
comminuted and displaced fractures of the anterior, medial and posterio-lateral walls of the right maxillary sinus.

I have had the floor of my eye orbit reconstructed. I asked if anything could be/would be done about the maxillary fractures and was told not, they would heal.
I have the same sort of feeling as coming round from novocaine all the time along that top jaw, and my teeth all hurt and can't be used for chewing. I have been told my bite is unaffected.

My question is probably stupid, but I'd like to know if pain from these teeth would be usual from such fractures and if it can be expected to stop after a while?I know the tingling/burning is from nerve damage and will probably eventually stop.

Thank you for any insight


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