Dental Impression/Facial Paralysis

Discussion in 'Dental Restoration' started by hemified05, Mar 30, 2013.

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    Mar 30, 2013
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    Hello Everyone:
    I'm a new member here and want to thank everyone for letting me join this forum. Here is my dilemma:

    I have only three actual teeth in my upper mouth(bottoms are fine). My dentist say's I need a complete upper(certainly no argument there). Back in Dec/2012 I got the shingles, then that led to contracting bell's palsy/ramsay hunt syndrome. For those who don't know what bell's palsy/ramsay hunt syndrome is, it is paralization of one or both sides of your face, your mouth droops on one side or both, can't smile correctly, eye don't close at all. The 7th cranial nerves die then regenerate(but slowly to the tune of 1-2mm per day). It's an extremely slow healing process for alot of people(months and even years for some). My mouth is just about completely straight, but my right side of my mouth still don't raise. Now, I need full uppers, so my question is, would a dental impression not come out properly because of this? I need uppers desperately but don't want anything to come out wrong and have awful looking uppers. I think my dentist is a really cool and honest man, but I can guarantee that only a hand full of dds's in the U.S. have had this scenario and they could make a completely off decision. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Many Thanks:
    hemified05, Mar 30, 2013
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